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Contact Manager


  • Unlimited number of Contacts
  • Manual or assigned contact id numbers
  • Support for multiple address lines
    Automatically fills in city and state when zip code is entered (requires zip code module)
  • Customer Contact Features
  • Inactive customer flag
  • Credit hold flag
  • Fields for A/P contact information
  • Unlimited number of custom user fields
  • PO Required Field
  • Default sales rep group and sales rep
  • Default Warehouse
  • "Source" field to track advertising and trade show profitability
  • Customer specific commission rate
  • Default shipping preferences
  • Does not accept back order flag
  • Default currency
  • Credit Limits
  • Website login history/ user name and password information
  • Contact Log
  • 32,000 characters of notes
  • Complete history of all order / invoice / credits / payments
  • Negotiated & special customer pricing
  • Keep track of Customers, Prospects, Vendors, Sales Rep Offices, Individual Sales Reps, Employees and Jobs.
  • Can keep track of Customer main location as well as a unlimited number of sites and departments.
  • Keep a detailed log of all phone conversations, activities. emails etc. for each account.

    ...and more!

    Contact Manager Reports Included
  • New reports can easily be added Epiphany Accounting Software at any time. For Enterprise level reporting use our Advanced report writer which can easily create company wide reports and mail merge letters with advanced features such as bar-coding and Adobe Acrobat support. Reports are subject to change.
  • Customer Special Pricing Expired
    (Displays a detailed report of a customer special pricing level where the ending date has passed.)
  • Customer Statement Items
    (Displays a detailed statement for each customer including all outstanding Invoices and amounts due.)
  • Customer Contact
    (Customer Contacts information)
  • Customer Contact Log
    (Lists all Customer Contact entries)
  • Customer Special Pricing
    (Displays a detailed report of a customers special pricing level with beginning and ending dates of each assigned special price.)
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 4145
    (Customer Mailing Labels that use the Avery 4145 labels.)
  • Vendor Contact Log
    (Vendor Contact Entries)
  • Vendor Phone Directory
    (List all the Vendors in a yellow pages like format grouped alphabetically.)
  • Customer Inactive List
    (Lists the amount of days customers have been inactive. The amount of days can be modified when running this report.)
  • Vendor Type
    (Lists the Different Vendor Types)
  • Customer Type
    (Lists the Different Customer Types)
  • Employee Contact Log
    (Lists all Employee Contact Log Entries)
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5097
    (Customer Mailing Labels that use the Avery 5097 labels.)
  • Customer Payment History
    (Displays a customers payment history, including the date paid, amount and payment method.)
  • Vendor Contact Site
    (Lists all Vendor Contact Sites)
  • Customer List
    (Displays Customers ID and mailing information in list format.)
  • Job List
    (Lists all Jobs)
  • Customer Summary
    (Summarizes customer totals in a list format displaying all their sales history.)
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5260
    (Customer Mailing Labels that use the Avery 5260 labels.)
  • Customer List by State
    (Displays Customers by state with address and phone numbers in list format.)
  • Customer Statement
    (Displays a detailed statement for each customer including all outstanding Invoices and amounts due.)
  • Vendor Summary
    (a Summary of Vendors)
  • Prospect Contact Log
    (A listing of Prospect Log entries)
  • Prospect List
    (A list of Prospects)
  • Vendor Mailing Labels Avery 5260
    (Vendor Mailing Labels using the Avery 5260 format)
  • Vendor List
    (A list of your Vendors)
  • Customer Contact Log
    (A list of Customer Contact Log entries)
  • Vendor Mailing Labels Avery 5097
    (Vendor Mailing Labels in the Avery 5097 format)
  • Customer Mailing Labels Avery 5160
    (Customer Mailing Labels that use the Avery 5160 labels.)
  • Vendor Payment History
    (A list of Vendor Payment History)
  • Vendor Contact
    (A list of Vendor Contact information)
  • Vendor Mailing Labels Avery 5160
    (Vendor Mailing Labels using the Avery 5160 format)
  • Employee List Detail
    (Employee single line detail list of information.)
  • Customer Sales By Item No
    (Displays customers cumulative sales price for each product in a selected period.)
  • Employee List
    (A list of Employee Information)
  • Customer Contact Site
    (A list of Customer Contact Sites)

    ...and more
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