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Data Transfer

We are often asked, "Can you transfer the data from my old accounting system to Epiphany Accounting Software?"

Since EAS is written in MS Access, many times we can transfer transactional history as well as inventory, customer, and vendor lists from vertical or "industry specific" accounting systems.

Our technical staff has years of experience working in open platform databases such as SQL, MySQL, Sybase and Oracle; databases that are developed in the UNIX or Linux operating systems. Therefore, most likely we can extract the data and import it into EAS.

"What about Quickbooks?"

Over 2,500,000 companies in the U.S. use QuickBooks® - significantly more than all other computerized accounting programs combined!

Epiphany Development can extract all normal accounting data stored in the QuickBooks®
file - including accounts, budgets, classes, terms, inventory items, customers, customer types, customer messages, jobs, job types, vendors, vendor types, employees, time records, payroll items, payroll history, other names, terms, shipping methods, to do notes, custom captions, etc.

Also exported are all 24 types of transactions in normal dual entry accounting form - including journal entries, transfers, checks, deposits, cash sales, estimates, invoices, statement charges, payments, credit memos, inventory adjustments, purchase orders, item receipts, bills, bill payments, bill credits, sales tax payments, paychecks, payroll liability checks, payroll year to date adjustments, payroll liability adjustments, and all 3 types of credit card transactions.

Our extraction process provides full support for Windows QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Pro®, and QuickBooks Premier® versions 4, 5, 6, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003.Both single and multuser files are supported.

Ask our competition if they can do the same.

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