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The Epiphany Accounting Software e-commerce Module is a PHP-based application which offers all the features needed to run a successful e-commerce web site. Its web-box architecture makes it easy to understand and work with, while providing powerful function management capabilites for your web application needs.

Want to customize your e-store? We can provide purchasing and logistical processes that fit with your industry.

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of product Categories
  • Unlimited number of product attributes
  • Ability to create shopper groups
  • Pricing based on shopper groups
  • Easy to use web based store administration
  • Real Time credit card processing
  • 128-bit encryption capable
  • SSL Template driven admin and storefront pages
  • Customizable zone based tax calculation (city/state & country/region)
  • Separate shipping and handling charge calculation
  • Cookie-less shopping
  • Permissions based user management
  • Order Management with customizable order statuses
  • Supports multiple ship to addresses per shopper
  • Database driven for dynamic store maintenance
  • Catalog search engine provided
  • Display products in thumbnail and full size
  • Able to navigate back and forth through web pages without refreshes
  • Supports product specials and availability dates
  • Able to display multiple prices per product (EURO or Retail Price)
  • Upload category, product, and store images via web browser
  • Shoppers can view order status
  • Customers are emailed a copy of the order
  • Customers are notified of changes in order status (shipped, cancelled, etc)
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