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General Ledger


  • All transactions done throughout Epiphany Accounting Software will be displayed in the General Ledger.
  • A budget can be created for each account in the Chart of Accounts for each month of the current year to keep close track of your numbers
  • The General Journal form allows transactions to be entered that aren't specific to the Checkbook, Sales, Purchases and Inventory areas of the program
  • The Bank Reconciliation form displays account information, allowing the user to easily reconcile all bank and credit card accounts
  • Bank and Credit Card Account Lists allow a user to easily view bank and credit card accounts grouped together showing account balances

    ...and more!

    General Ledger Reports Included
  • New reports can easily be added Epiphany Accounting Software at any time. For Enterprise level reporting use our Advanced report writer which can easily create company wide reports and mail merge letters with advanced features such as barcoding and Adobe Acrobat support. Reports are subject to change.
  • Cash Flow A/P Analysis
    (Cash Flow A/P Analysis shows all outstanding Accounts Payables with InvoiceTotals and Amount Due totals.)
  • Chart of Account Group Totals
    (Chart of Accounts with the account group total balance.)
  • General Ledger Archive
    (General Ledger list of all archive data.)
  • Cost Of Sales
    (Cost of Sales Report.)
  • Trial Balance
    (Trial Balance Summary with opening balances, total debits and credits by account.)
  • Income Statement
    (Consolidated Income Statement by Groups)
  • Chart of Accounts
    (Displays a list of the Chart of Accounts by Account ID.)
  • Budget Overview
    (Displays a list of all the current years Budget Periods with there budget amounts.)
  • Chart of Account Totals
    (Chart of Accounts with the total balance.)
  • General Ledger By Batch Number
    (Standard General Ledger list by batch numbers.)
  • Cash Flow Statement
    (Cash Flow Statement displays a breakdown of each Account ID and the total for that account.)
  • General Ledger Expense/Cash Outflow
    (General Ledger Expense/Cash Outflow by Account ID.)
  • Budget Comparison
    (Displays a comparison of all the current years Budget Periods with actual totals for the period.)
  • Cash Flow Forecast
    (Cash Flow Forecast displays a sum of all the Assets and Liabilities with Net Inflow totals and Projected Balances.)
  • Trial Balance Detail
    (Trial Balance Detail breaks down each transaction by date, total debits and credits for each account.)
  • Income Statement Detail
    (Detailed Income Statement by Groups and Accounts.)
  • Batch Posting History
    (Batch Posting History Transactions)
  • Balance Sheet Detail
    (Detailed Company Balance Sheet with totals for each account.)
  • General Ledger By Account ID
    (Standard General Ledger list by Account ID.)
  • General Journal
    (General Journal Report diplays all Journal transactions with totals.)
  • Balance Sheet
    (Standard Company Balance Sheet.)
  • Budget Account Totals
    (Display, Last years actual activity, This years actual activity, Last year vs. This year actual, Budget vs. Actual, Operating Plan used for Revised budgets, Operating Plan vs. Actual and Annual Totals.)

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