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Inventory Control


With Epiphany E-Store, the inventory module becomes your Internet "back end," as adding items to your website is as easy as clicking a checkbox in the inventory screen. As you change Item information and pricing within the inventory module, you website is updated in real time! Imagine the sales & marketing benefit your company will be able to enjoy due to your ability to show customers new items minutes after they are available - not the weeks or even months it normally takes.

  • Quickly update quantities in stock using the Inventory Adjustment form
    Advanced re-order reports gives you sales order history as well as stock information, allowing you to make informed buying decisions
  • The ability to track Royalties for each item in your inventory
  • Assembly function allows an inventory item to be created by assembling other inventory items
  • Special pricing for inventory items allows a special price to be offered for a specific item during a specific time period
    The ability to create an unlimited number of Warehouse locations where inventory items are bought, sold, and stored gives added control and flexibility over these products
  • The ability to easily the transfer inventory from one Warehouse location to another
  • The ability to automatically generate UPC codes for new inventory items; You can manually choose the UPC code or have the system automatically assign the next value
  • True multi-warehouse support
    Inventory Control Reports Included
  • New reports can easily be added Epiphany Accounting Software at any time. For Enterprise level reporting use our Advanced report writer which can easily create company wide reports and mail merge letters with advanced features such as barcoding and Adobe Acrobat support.
    Reports are subject to change.
  • Inventory Transaction History
    (Transaction History including quantity, price and date of any Product bought or sold.)
  • Inventory Assembly Build History
    (Displays all Inventory Assembly Items every Built using the Build Inventory form.)
  • Physical Inventory
    (Displays number of items in stock and the items cost.)
  • Inventory List By Item No
    (List of Inventory Items by Item No.)
  • Inventory Transfer
    (Displays the history of all Inventory that was transfered from one warehouse to another.)
  • Inventory Usage
    (Categorizes your inventory items by the total quantity ordered. This report is great for seeing what inventory items are the most popular and what items are not.)
    Inventory Special Pricing Expired
    (Displays a detailed report of an inventory special pricing level where the ending date has pased.)
  • Sales Total By Item No
    (Displays cumulative sales price for each item in a selected period.)
  • Manufacturer List
    (A list of Manufacturer information.)
  • Inventory List By Sales Price
    (A list of Inventory By Sales Price.)
  • Expense Material Requistion
    (Expense Material Requistion report.)
  • Category Lists
    (A list of Category information.)
  • Inventory Assembly Items
    (A list of Inventory Assembly Items.)
  • Inventory Assembly Item Detail
    (A list of Inventory Assembly Item Detail information.)
  • Inventory Pricing Level
    (A list of Inventory with Pricing Level information.)
  • Inventory Reorder Point
    (Displays any inventory items where the stock has dropped below the reorder point.)
  • Inventory Assembly Detail
    (A list of Inventory Assembly Detail.)
  • Inventory Valuation
    (A list of Inventory and its Valuation.)
  • Inventory Stock by Warehouse
    (Inventory Stock Quantity by Warehouse Location.)
  • Inventory Special Pricing
    (Displays a detailed report of the inventory special pricing level with beginning and ending dates of each assigned special price.)
    ..and more!
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