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Order Entry


  • Ability to have multiple "Ship To" addresses for customers, including a one-time option
  • Generate quotes / order / invoices in multiple currencies.
  • The ability to put customers on Credit Hold.
  • Inventory descriptions can contain up to 32,000 characters of text - with spell check!
  • Assign "source" codes to customers / orders / invoices to track advertising / promotions / trade show performance.
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Negotiated prices with individual customers for particular items - for a period of time
  • Up to 20 user defined pricing levels
  • The last price paid
  • Price quotations
  • The quantity ordered of the item
  • % Markup of Cost
  • % Margin from Cost
  • % Customer Discount
  • % Percent can be different for different items on sales order or invoice.
  • Sale Prices - with beginning and expire dates
  • Ability to password protect customer sales price in order / invoice
  • Flexible Commission Options
  • Default Sales Person Commission
  • Special Customer Commission
  • Special Commissions by Item / Quantity Ordered or Selling Price
  • Negotiated Commissions
  • Manual Commissions
  • Split Commissions
  • Assign sales person's order number to quote/order/invoice
  • Copy previous sales order or invoice to new sales order or invoice
  • Assign "source" codes to customers / orders / invoices to track advertising / promotions / trade show performance
  • Ability to "allocate" items
  • Real time stock details
  • Lookup warehouse stock details during order / invoicing
  • Multiple "Units of Measure" per inventory item
  • Change "Units of Measure" during quotes / order / invoices
  • Ability to view customer history and phone log during quotes / order / invoices
  • Edit customer information without leaving order / invoice
  • Add / edit inventory information without leaving order / invoice
  • Unlimited line items per order / invoice
  • Create "misc" charges within order / invoice
  • Unlimited User Defined fields in quotes / orders / invoices / customers
  • Use Company Logos on picking ticket / packing list / sales order / quotation / invoice
  • Display customer notes during quotes / order / invoices
  • Multiple "Ship From" ID's to accommodate drop ship vendors and multiple warehouses
  • "Cancel Date" to indicate last date that customer is willing to accept shipment
  • Adjust employee commissions, including split commissions, on Order Entry screen
  • Multiple views available for line item entries
  • Supports "drop ship's".
  • Supports "ship from" locations.
  • Prepayments by credit card, cash or check.
  • User defined or auto generated numbering (customer id, order #, invoice #, etc.)
  • Can change id numbers at any time - will update all corresponding transactions
  • Ability to convert an Order into an Invoice or Purchase Order in a single step
  • "Duplicate Order" button for customers placing an order identical to a previous order
  • Ability to print an in-house message on Picking ticket for warehouse employees
  • Multiple form options for printing: Order, Back Order, Picking, Packing, and more
  • Maintain Orders feature allows orders to be modified after they have been entered but before they are shipped.
  • Back Order features allow you to promise shipment of an item if it is not in your inventory but is currently being shipped to your company.
  • Support for cartons / pallets / cube / weight on order / invoice
  • Prospects can be tracked, then converted to a Customer contact with a mouse click
  • View Order History and Credit information right with the in Sales Order & Invoicing screens.
  • Order Status Codes allows you to control your fulfillment process.
  • UPS Worldship integration with optional module.
  • Bill of materials
  • RMA Returns and Credit Memo's
  • Ability to post individual transactions - or in a batch
  • Ability to preview General Ledger entries - before posting

    Order Entry Reports Included
  • New reports can easily be added Epiphany Accounting Software at any time. For Enterprise level reporting use our Advanced report writer which can easily create company wide reports and mail merge letters with advanced features such as bar-coding and Adobe Acrobat support. Reports are subject to change.
  • Orders Open
    (Displays Open Orders by Order Number, including the quantity ordered and shipped.)
  • Quote Totals
    (Displays Quotes by Date.)
  • Back Order Totals
    (Displays all Invoices that have been Back Ordered.)
  • Order Totals
    (Displays Orders by Date, including the Order total and Customer ID.)
  • Back Order Detail
    (Displays detailed descriptions of all the items that have been Back Ordered.)
  • Order Cost By Salesperson
    (Displays Orders Cost by Salesperson and Date Range.)
  • Order Totals By Salesperson
    (Displays Orders by Salesperson.) ...and more

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