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Purchase Orders


  • Advanced re-order reports gives you sales order history as well as stock information, allowing you to make informed buying decisions
  • Assembly function allows an inventory item to be created by assembling other inventory items
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of Warehouse locations where inventory items are bought, sold, and stored gives added control and flexibility over these products
  • The ability to easily the transfer inventory from one Warehouse location to another
  • Items can have a main Vendor and a unlimited number of Alternate vendors.
  • Reorder points and lead time values in inventory allows you to make informed buying decisions.

...and more!

Purchase Order Reports Included
  • Purchase Totals By Item No
    (Displays cumulative cost for each product in a selected period.)
  • Purchase Orders Open
    (Displays Open Purchase Orders by Order Number, including the quantity ordered and received.)
  • Purchase Order Totals (Displays Purchase Orders by vendor. You can also select a specific vendor and review only those orders.)
  • Purchase Orders Received
    (Displays all Purchase Orders and the items that you have received for each one.)

...and more

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