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Mark H. Roberts

Accounting Consultant, Marketing Director

Mr. Roberts earned a Bachelor of Science in both accounting and finance from the University of South Alabama. He studied international finance in London through the University of Southern Mississippi International Business Program. Mr. Roberts was a member of Beta Alpha Psi, the honor society for accounting majors, and Alpha Chi scholastic honorary society. He was also a certified tutor through the SGA, teaching accounting, economics and statistics. Mr. Roberts worked for the accounting firm of Hudson, Gaillard & Jones for his senior internship.

Mark H. Roberts was involved in a federal trade program since 1990 when he joined the operation in Mobile. He has been involved in the preparation of applications to participate in the program for both the chemical and shipbuilding industries. In doing so, he gained valuable experience in dealing with both public entities and private businesses. Mr. Roberts has conducted economic, systems and procedures analyses and worked with logistics and production personnel in enhancing international trade operations. He has dealt with U.S. Customs directly on systems matters and classification matters. Mr. Roberts' broad experience in the federal trade program spans from the application process, through the activation process, to monitoring and compliance review and annual reporting functions.

Mr. Roberts developed a new automated inventory control system for a chemical plant that simplified the operations for the user, Customs broker, and U.S. Customs. Noteworthy in this endeavor is the fact that the chemical plant was able to avoid the quagmire which has engulfed the oil refinery for years.

Over the past decade, Mr. Roberts provided consulting services for such companies as: Degussa, Alabama Shipyard, Zeneca, Coastal Oil Refinery, Halter Marine, and Friede Goldman International.

As Controller for three corporations, Mr. Roberts was responsible for the General Ledger, General Journal, Balance Sheet, and Income Statements for all three companies. Mr. Roberts filed all corporate federal, state, and payroll tax forms for two of the corporations. Notably, one of the corporations was a Foreign Sales Corporation which required extensive inventory and accounting procedures to qualify for special tax incentives in order to promote exports.

Standing Committee Member for the Gulf Coast Technology Council
Vice President of the Brookley Business Community
Board Member of the Alabama World Trade Association

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